Beta Glucan, Triterpen (Resishi) has potential to aid in reducing radiation burns

betaglucan triterpen giảm bỏng rát da do xạ trị

Skin wound healing is the process of self-healing by the skin, which is usually divided into four phases: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and regeneration. , creating “granulation tissue” rich in extracellular matrix protein, supporting the growth of new blood vessels. A decrease in regulation during any stage of wound healing slows down wound healing and can lead to various skin conditions, including chronic failure or ulcers.

Betaglucan triterpen active ingredients from Ganoderma lucidum have great potential to aid in faster healing of skin wounds.

Many studies of medicinal plants have been conducted to find safe and effective substances that promote the healing of the damage. The scientists found that wound healing is motivated by a number of plant products, including bioactive ingredients such as alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, and triterpene. A highly biologically active fungus containing triterpen is the reishi mushroom.
A study of Ganoderma from the Himalayas of India on mouse skin excision was conducted, showing positive results in increasing wound self-healing. Reishi mushroom extract rich in betaglucan and triterpen showed significantly enhanced healing activity, manifested through an increase in wound contractility, fibroblasts as well as increased synthesis of collagen, hexosamine and total protein content in granular wound tissue in rats.
Visually examination of the wound given reishi mushroom extract showed no signs of bleeding, exudate, pus, the wound all healed without incident, and contracted much faster. . The histopathological tests also showed that the wound that was given Ganoderma lucidum was much better than not taking it
Extracts rich in betaglucan and triterpen from Ganoderma lucidum indirectly stimulate the body’s immunity. Thereby helping to reduce congestion, edema, reduce neutrophils and increase mononucleosis in the wound. It also increases the regeneration of epithelium, angiogenesis, fibroblast deposition, and collagen types I, III. All of these support the body to heal itself more quickly.
There have also been studies using reishi mushroom’s betaglucan-rich extract prepared in gel form to apply to diabetic ulcers in rats to help the wound surface close faster. That possibility is thought to be due to Betaglucan’s powerful antioxidant activity.

Betaglucan Triterpen from Ganoderma lucidum has great potential for faster healing of skin burns caused by radiation therapy:

One of the common side effects in patients with radiation therapy is the appearance of burning burns in the irradiated skin. Depending on the patient as well as the intensity of irradiation, the degree of burning can be different. Usually includes the following symptoms:
The irradiated skin will be painful and red (similar to a sunburn), darker than usual, or dry and itchy. They usually start 1 to 2 weeks after starting treatment. When experiencing these conditions you should tell your doctor and they can advise you the following:
  • Wash your skin every day with a mild, alcohol-free soap to keep the wound clean
  • Avoid rubbing that area, apply moisturizer to the skin every day (consult your medical professional about specific creams!)
  • Avoid using perfumes, perfumes, or talcum powder
  • Wear loose-fitting natural-fiber clothing and avoid tight collars, ties, or shoulder straps
  • Use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 30 or higher) to protect your skin from the sun
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water
  • These problems usually go away within 2 to 4 weeks after the end of treatment, but sometimes your skin may be a little darker (like a tan) than before.
betaglucan triterpen
Betaglucan triterpen giảm bỏng rát do xạ trị

With the data provided in part 1 of this article on the ability to accelerate skin healing of betaglucan triterpen reishi mushroom. Then we recommend using the active ingredient betaglucan triterpen from Ganoderma lucidum, which will help your skin burns heal quickly. Moreover, Betaglucan triterpen extract from Reishi Mushroom also overcomes other side effects of radiation therapy because of its ability to protect DNA, protect healthy cells from radiation damage, read this article.  


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