Question 1: Does this product help destroy all cancer cells?

    Betaglucan Triterpen supplements combined with doctor’s treatments. Betaglucan Triterpen helps to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, rapid recovery of multiple organs, reduces side effects, improves the condition and improves the quality of life for cancer patients.

    Question 2: How is Betaglucan Triterpen combined with chemotherapy?

    The most optimal benefit for patients is to take 1 to 2 days before chemotherapy, radiation therapy. Minimum dose: 30 – 60 tablets per chemotherapy cycle. Optimal dose: 6 capsules / day throughout treatment

    Question 3: Are there any side effects of Betaglucan Triterpen?

    The active ingredient group betaglucan, triterpene has been recognized by the FDA for the safety level, and the food ingredients should be supplemented every day, without causing any side effects in patients with chronic diseases when taken for a long time.

    Question 4: What is the effect of Betaglucan Triterpen for K at the end stage?

    When used for the last stage K, Betaglucan Triterpen helps patients eat better, healthier, sleep better, reduce dizziness, fatigue, and support mild to moderate pain relief. In the late stage, the patient will feel lighter, but the patient still has to use Morphin to relieve pain.

    Question 5: I am undergoing radiation therapy, my health is normal, side effects have not appeared. What is the effect of taking Betaglucan Triterpen?
    For patients K preparing for chemotherapy, radiation therapy has no signs of side effects, when combined with Betaglucan Triterpen will help:
    – Increased impact on cancer cells.
    – 1.27-fold increased response to tumor.
    – Prevent side effects from occurring.
    Question 6: How long does it take to take Betaglucan Triterpen to work?

    Depends on the severity of the disease and the health status of each person.
    – Normal people with insomnia stress: only 1 dose
    – Cancer patient about: 4-5 days
    – Moderate: 7-10 days
    – End stage patient: 15 days
    If conditions can be used continuously 6 tablets / day, this is the most optimal dose.

    Question 7: Can Betaglucan Triterpen just take without chemotherapy or radiation?

    Absolutely not. It is very dangerous, the patient K must obey the medical treatment of the doctor. This product only supports non-medicine, cannot replace the doctor’s treatment. Patients with K used in combination and supplementation with the doctor’s treatment regimen will be very good, because this product has practical effects.

    Question 8: Take Betaglucan Triterpen continuously until when to stop?

    People can drink continuously, use as a food supplement because the nature of BT 100% active ingredient from Linh Chi, is very safe. In addition it also works on the disease, maintaining the condition. Daily supplement use with a dose of 1 tablet can be used, if not healthy can use 2 tablets, 3 tablets.

    Question 9: Betaglucan Triterpen is too expensive, cannot be maintained continuously.
    This product is quite expensive because: each bottle needs 0.9 to 1 kg of raw Ganoderma lucidum, this price is actually very reasonable because the raw materials of Linh Chi from the extension program have already been discounted, the price of Reishi in the market is very expensive.
    If the cost does not allow, then each chemotherapy cycle (21-28 days), patients with K only need to use at least 1 bottle (60 tablets), about 50k / day, Betaglucan Triterpen will help to recover quickly and reduce the effect. rapid side effects of chemotherapy.